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January 12

I need article writers for my X-Files Newsletter! If you're interested in contributing then please mail me.

December 21

New easy-to-remember address for this homepage!

November 9

The first episode of the fourth season, Herrenvolk, has aired here in Sweden. One thing seems to be a mystery. Why didn't the bounty hunter die when Mulder pierced the back of his neck with the alien-weapon? Suggstions for answers or ideas will be posted on this page as soon as I get any. (Mail me your thoughts!)

Update: Forget about mailing me. Use my
Message Board instead!

October 28

The free X-Files Web Art page! This page contains free X-Files web art that you can use on your homepage. You can also contribute to the page!

October 26

The new X-Files movie is currently in post-production. It will air in early summer of '98. If you are curious of what it looks like, you can view an image from the movie.

October 17

Fan: Do you and Fox Mulder share any common traits?
D.D.: Yes, we look almost exactly alike.

David Duchovny chatted live with fans at
You didn't participate? You could always
read the transcript from the chat session.

October 12

The Swedish X-Files Homepage -
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October 28: The free X-Files Web Art page

October 26: The X-Files Movie page

October 12: The History of The X-Files Page

October 11: The Official X-Files - Best of The Web Awards Page

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