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Welcome to Keith Johnson's home of sci-fi, gaming and general mayhem. I am a Trekkie and a Whovian and an avid player of BattleTech, Vampire: the Masquerade, Mage: The Ascension, Magic: The Gathering, GURPS, and Gamma World. What happened to the Games Page, you may be asking yourself. I've decided that each game will have it's own section now instead of lumping them all together on one page. Pretty neat, huh?

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A little about myself...I'm 31, a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington (BA Psychology). I hail from Arlington, TX by way of Stephenville, TX and Cisco, TX. I'm single and available. **SMILE**
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Did some updating, including new links for Mark's home page, the band Rush, and the NFL and Arena Football.
My First Feature: A Collection of Blonde Jokes! Enjoy!!
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My fourth feature is also a section unto itself. A long-awaited, much-needed section, I might add:
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You like playing with spaceships? Well, you can play with some spaceships here
And still yet another feature....a section featuring humorous pictures and cartoons I've run across.
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And Now...a New Section: a Glimpse into My Personal Life
Pictures of Keith
Pictures of Keith's Friends and Family
Pictures of Keith's Little Brother and Baby Sister

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