Squirrel Skinning Made Easy
Squirrels are great eating, and cleaning them is not difficult. Here's one quick and easy way to get 'em ready for dinner.

A LTHOUGH SQUIRRELS are plentiful and fun to hunt, many people don't like to skin them. A few simple pro cedures can make preparing a squirrel quite easy. The following suggestions are applicable for carcasses that are field-dressed.

Several pieces of equipment are indispensable: I use a sharp knife, plenty of newspaper to cover the floor or working area, a stiff-bristled vegetable brush, and a seat the height of a 5-gallon bucket.

STEP 1: Place the carcass of the squirrel, belly down, on the paper-covered floor. Assuming the operator is right-handed, the right foot is placed on the squirrel's tail to anchor the carcass.

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STEP 2: Grab the loose fur on the center of the animal's back and lift. Use the sharp knife to cut a slit crosswise in the elevated skin. Make the cut long enough to accommodate three fingers of both hands.

STEP 3: With fingers in place, pull the fur in both directions until the animal's front and back legs are exposed. Simply pulling may not separate the skin along the belly, particularly with mature animals. If that's the case, cut the narrow ribbon of belly skin on each side.

STEP 4: With the left hand holding the skin, use the index finger and thumb of the right hand to probe under and around the legs. Then pull the legs out of the fur, down to the claws.

STEP 5: After the four legs have been skinned

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