From its genesis in January 1994 by Chuck Keller (vocals,
guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, effects), Vulpecula's focus has been
a celebration of the night. With overwhelming emotion and
noctilucent atmosphere, this Kansas City, Missouri based band wanders the
seemingly infinite stellar fields of nothingness revealing to the
listener distant vistas of sound. By bridging the seeming gulf
between "space music" and death/black metal, Vulpecula has
successfully molded together the two most atmospheric forms of
music in existence.

Chris Overton (drums, keyboards, effects) joined in 1995 and
Vulpecula recorded its inaugural release >>Phoenix of the Creation
<<. Eternal Darkness Creations releaed the session on 7"
in 1996 and has recently repressed a (very) limited edition on
blue vinyl.

Summer 1997 brings VULPECULA's debut CD release entitled
>>Fons Immortalis<< on Germany's MERCILESS RECORDS. This MCD
contains two tracks ("Fons Immortalis" and "Down Among Them")
from a studio session Vulpecula recorded during late spring 1996.
plus tracks from the rare >>Phoenix of the Creation<< 7" ep
partially re-recorded and totally remixed. The intro track
("Astride the Darklands") was written and recorded in late autumn
1996. In addition to the unlimited MCD release, MERCILESS
RECORDS has also released >>Fons Immortalis<< on a limited
edition 10" maxi single. Special T-shirts celebratiing >>Fons
Immortalis<< will be released by MERCILESS RECORDS at the same
time as the MCD.

VULPECULA has already begun rehearsals for their debut album
entitled >>Down Among Them<<, also to be released by MERCILESS
RECORDS. Pre-production is scheduled to begin in late summer
1997. Newer tracks are: "Introitus; The Hydra Void," "Eltanin
Shadowcast," "Ad Astra per Aspera," "...Of the Half-Light" and
"Abandon in Place." Strong elements of chaos have evolved into
the Vulpeculean sound, and the newest material has been described
as a "a head on collision between Mefisto and Vangelis."

Chuck and Chris are veterans of two of America's most
respected underground black/death metal bands, ORDER FROM CHAOS
and NEPENTHE, and in this age of blatant plagiarism and unoriginality
they promise a monument to creativity and innovation. For more
information contact the band or MERCILESS RECORDS. Please include
two IRCs for a quick response.

Vulpecula represents the ambient expressions of a secluded entity
drifting on solar winds beyond light and shadow, 'into the dark, into the
silence that has no end...'

1200 Queens Place
Kansas city, Missouri 64131
United States of America

First Point of Aries

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