Cindy's little corner of the web!

And no.... this is not a picture of me so, you can stop asking. It's a painting by an artist named An He called "Young Woman With Roses". It's a personal favourite and that's why it's on my page.

Hi! I'm continuing my move in, I've got the furniture but, as you can see, I haven't started to arrange anything yet! Be patient, it's coming!*wink*

This are the people you'll usually find me chatting with!

They're a wonderful group of friends and you will enjoy yourself immensely, given the opportunity to chat with any of these terrific people! The list may seem long but, they're all great and I couldn't begin to narrow it down! I know I've missed someone here so, e-mail me if it was accidentally you!

*takes a deep breath*
Alaintha, AOIFE, Banaltra, Becky, Blue Note, Cadfael, Caer, Cajun Girl, Chameleon, Charlie, Cindy Kay, Daiquiri, Dallas Tom, Davron, Doggy, DragonKnight, DragonLord, DragonSlayer, Drunken Sheep, Duncan, Ebony, Eddie, Emerald MacLeod, Fallen Angel, Firestone, Ginger, Golfer, Gypsy Girl, Hawk, HellRaiser, Hermit, Ilona, Irish Goddess, Irish Innkeeper, Jackie, Jo, Joey, Johnathan, JULIA, Keryth MacFie, Kieran, KJ,Lady of the Lake, Lady Rogue, Lady Savage, Lady Wolfie, Legend, Lucky, Macey, Maggie, Mad Cow, Man In Black, Mark L., Mercedes,Midnite Moonlight Lady, Mnemosyne Memory, Moonbow, Mr Maroon, N1ghtwolf, Ozymandias, Paradox, Parka, Piers, Pol, Ponyboy, Powdered Toast Man, Racer XTC,Rain, Ram, Redbeard, RENEGADE, Reuben, Risky, Rob, The ROSE, Scirocco, Seanchai, Shadowfax, Shadow Knight, Shaker, Shenica,Sir Random, SouthernBelle,Star Dancer, Stella, Still Waters, Stinger, Sub-Zero, Sweetheart, The Grim Peeper, Tiere, 2Crucial, Voyager, Wanderer, WarmKiss, Whitney, and all the Havoc Wreakers.

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