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Web Site of
"the Marjoribanks Family"
organizing meeting June 4 1989 in Edinburgh
has membership of 137 September 22, 1996
the Marjoribanks List
started Oct 26 1994 as a forward GreenIII@freenet.FSU.Edu
with James W. Green III as "listowner" with 10 subscribers:
Green & 5 Brooms, Bob M'banks & son, W.Jackson, J.Oldshue
moved Nov 30 1994 to Marbanks@freenet.FSU.Edu
moved 13 Mar 1995 to nn102601@Midnet.CSD.SC.Edu
with Bill Jackson taking over as "listowner" from James Green
Has 23 subscribers in mid-August 1996
moved 9 Dec 1996 to Marjoribanks@rmgate.pop.Indiana.Edu
with subscribers to nn102601 receiving Welcome from rmgate at 21:39 EST that day
The family organization & list are for
Marjoribanks & its alternate spellings, including Marchbank/s, Marshbank/s, & Banks
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and says you are visitor number

To subscribe to the M'banks List, send email to nn102601@Midnet.CSD.SC.Edu and give your full name, snail address, phone, M'banks or Banks lineage and ask to be subscribed & Bill Jackson the "list owner" will add you.
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  2. "Project file" (Intro & Subscriber List) 30 May 1996
  3. Another Intro (oft snailed) w/chief's arms
  4. Links from the internet to this list
  5. Annual General Meetings
  6. Progress of Registration for AGM
  7. Permission for map & soon map of Charleston SC & AGM
  8. Marjoribanks: Clan or Family
  9. Marjoribanks Gatherings
  10. The Marjoribanks Journal, Number 1
  11. The Marjoribanks Journal, Number 2
  12. Subscribers' Marjoribanks Lineages
  13. Web Browsing Capabilities
  14. Chief's eldest daughter, Catriona
  15. Johnstone Merchandise
  16. A Johnstone homepage
  17. Golden Retrievers (dogs)
  18. Official Marjoribanks neck ties
  19. Major John Marjoribanks of the American Revolution
  20. Samuel Banks born 1770 Thornhill,Scotland
  21. CSA Bushwacker Marchbanks
  22. Newspaper news releases
  23. Maj.Gen. Tom Earl Marchbanks Jr.
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