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"All we need is love!"

Hi my friends!

My name is Emílio Honório and I'm an Electronic\Telecommunication Engineer. If you want to get in touch with me and talk about something regarding my profession or other subjects (Mobile Telephony, Sound Engineering, Computers, Music, Guitar, Philosophy, Blues, etc), please send mails to:


Links to other sites on the Web:

Where I'm working.
UFPB (Brazil) - Electrical Engineering Department, where I got graduate.
Another department of my College.
Visit my home city! Campina Grande-PB BRAZIL
Severino Blues Band - The band, man!!!
More than a band (Queen)!
The official International Queen Fan Club
The best pilot in the world: George Henrique
Something about Blackpool (For you Nigel)

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This page is under construction, any comments let me know! I'm looking forward to hearing from you!!! Thanks!!!

March, 10th 1999.

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