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A polymer is a large molecule comprised of repeating structural units joined by covalently bonds Poly comes the Greek word for "many" and mer comes from the Greek word for "parts". We could arbitrarily say a polymer has to have at least 100 repeats for now, but later we will change this definition to account for physical properties of polymers.The repeat unit of a polymer is a group of atoms covalently bonded together in a specific spacial arrangement.

Fullerene is compound which have 60,70,72...carbones and discovered by Rebert F Curl.Jr,Sir Harold W.Kroto and Richard E.Smalley who got the NOVEL PRIZE in 1996 for its value.
Fullerene have various possibility it can contain akali metal in it and become
superconductor below absolute temperature 0'c.and it can also used as attacking
cancer cell.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fullerene C-60

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