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Hawaii, Civil Air Patrol, flying and the Hawaii Air National Guard - they are all here.
The information and the resources will be useful for you with similar interests:

    Hawaii Air National Guard & Military page. This includes links to other interesting sites and images. Also a link to my other page for my guard unit.
    Civil Air Patrol The Honolulu Composite Squadron and I have links to other Hawaii Civil Air Patrol units, along with National links
    Links A list of some of the links I've found along the way...
    FlyingThis has some basic information for the private pilot in or visiting Hawaii. Also, some information and images from the local based common carriers.
    Visiting Hawaii? (Virtual or Real!) This will have information for folks visiting Hawaii
    My Personal Page Some jumbled ramblings and links to some of my photos, for now.
    Sound. Page with MIDI and WAV sounds. (new)
    Thanks and Web Page construction sources

This is a personal site with resources for; Aviation, Hawaii Air National Guard, Hawaii Civil Air Patrol (CAP) and Visitors to Hawaii.

A little about me:
I'm involved with the Civil Air Patrol and the Hawaii Air National Guard. I really like flying and I'm working on my private pilots license (single engine/land). I also like to hike, swim and run. I would love to hear from other folks with similar interests.

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