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Dr. Robert V. Gentry Makes Amazing Discovery!!!

Radiohaloes of Polonium 210,214,& 218 Found within Granite!!!

Please read this:

While examining thin sections (very thin slices) of granites, Dr. Robert V. Gentry found certain ring-type structures, {or "haloes"}, within samples of granites from all around the Earth. These impressions had to be put into the granites sometime during their formation, due to the fact that they are within the matrix,(or crystaline structure), and not stamped on the outside of the granites. Granites are the basement rocks of the world, and so it would be impossible to "doctor" or "fake" these results.

According to cosmological-evolutionary theory, it took hundreds of millions of years for the granites to form, and yet these haloes are WITHIN the granites!

If you find a sunken ship off the coast of Florida, and find some gold coins, you would know that the ship could have sunk no earlier than the newest coin found there!

Likewise, if you find something within the inner structure,(or matrix), of these granites, the granites HAD to form faster than the items would have taken to disappear, or degenerate.

Radioactive elements are called isotopes, and they have an elevated energy state. It is the natural process for these isotopes to give off their excess energy and to eventually "step-down" in energy level until they are no longer radioactive.

Each different radioactive element, or isotope, has a different amount of energy stored up in its particular "elevated energy state." This means that it will take different isotopes different amounts of time to give off their excess energy. This leads to different lengths of time for each individual isotope's "half-life."

What a half-life is, is that period of time in which a given radioactive element, or isotope, needs to give off enough of its excess energy for only half of the amount of the sample to still be radioactive. The length of time for each isotope, or radioactive element, is different. Some are fast, and some are very slow, or long lasting.

Scientists have determined that in order to show that a certain radioactive element, or isotope, existed at one time, you must record its emissions of its high energy particles, the alpha particles in general, within 7 of the isotope's half-lives, or else there will not be enough high-energy particles left to emit and leave trails on or within the matrix of the matter you are using to record the decay of the isotope.

So, you have to conclude that if you find radio-haloes of radioactive elements, (isotopes), within granites, then the granites had to form faster than the 7 half-lives of fastest isotope within the sample.

What is interesting about this is that the isotope Polonium 218 has a half-life of 3 minutes!! So if you find a radiohaloe of Polonium 218 within any sample of granite, that granite HAD to form within less than 21 minutes!!

Now this is really interesting!! The isotope Polonium 214 has a half-life of 164 microseconds,(164 x 10 to the -6 or, .000164 of ONE SECOND!!!) This means that the granites ABSOLUTELY, HAD to form in less than .001148 of ONE SECOND!!!

It also means that in order for the granites, the basement or foundation rocks of the planet Earth, to have formed in less than one second, that the entire Earth had to come into existence in less than one second!

This leaves us with only ONE conclusion, which is, that when the Bible says that Jesus spoke and the universe came into existence, {"ex-nihilo",(from nothing)}, the Bible is telling the Truth! The radiohaloes within the granites give irrefutable, physical evidence of this!

I hope that you will want to find out more about this, and you can, in Dr. Gentry's book "Creation's Tiny Mystery," ISBN #0-9616753-2-2 You may have to borrow it through inter-library loan, but it is worth it. You may also be able to purchase it from Earth Science Associates, (Link below). Also, Dr. Gentry made two videos, "Fingerprints of Creation," and "The Young Age of the Earth." Both of these are very well worth the cost. Ask your local Christian bookstore to obtain them for you.


You can order these two videos from: American Portrait Films; P.O. Box 19266; Cleveland, OH 44119; or you can call 1-800-736-4567}

{UPDATE; 12/10/96, 11:49PM CST: Previously, I had reversed the order of which isotope was which, relative to the length of their respective half-lives. I sincerely apologize for this typographical error. The validity of the conclusions are still true, the Earth WAS CREATED instantaneously.}
{UPDATE; 03/22/97, 4:36PM CST: I have discovered that I made a mathematical calculation error for the times of the half-life of polonium 214. Previously I listed the half-life to be ".0000164 of ONE SECOND", it has been corrected to read: ".000164 of ONE SECOND", and the sum of the seven half-lives was incorrectly presented as: ".0001148 of ONE SECOND". It has been corrected to read: ".001148 of ONE SECOND." Again I sincerely apologize to everyone for the error. I will correct any error that I find, if you find an error in my calculations or presentation please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail.}


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