First Stage

Launch Center for model rocket telemetry

Welcome to First Stage. The main objective here is to provide a web site devoted to electronics used in model, large model, and high power rockets. Telemetry, sensors, and data recording will be the center of our efforts. All comments, ideas, and suggestions will be appreciated. Please mail them to: We are just now getting things started, and hope to have lots of goodies on board in a few weeks. Please keep checking back, until then: fly'em high and fly'em SAFE!


VCP Files is a collection of files contributed by various people in response to John Cato's suggestion for a "VCP files frenzy". Please note that all VCP files here have the extension ".txt". The extension ".cp" is not recognized by the geocities software. To use these files with VCP, simply rename them to "XXXX.cp".

Download the VCP program from Sunsite.

Open Estes Star Rider, Contributed by The Silent Observer.

Open Nike-Smoke Contributed by John Cato.

Open Nike-Tomahawk Contributed by John Cato.

Open Janobia Designed by yours truly as a electronics test platform.

Open Taifun Contributed by Mike Vande Bunt.

Open Thoy Falcon Contributed by Les Troyer.

Open Sidewinder Contributed be Gary A. Crowell, Sr.

Special Thanks go all of the contributers.

Flight Computers

This section is about flight computers; how to build and use them.

Open Taniwha Flight Computer The Taniwha flight computer project, includes software.

Click here for a 8051 based computer sutiable for rocket experiments.





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