Welcome to my new look and feel website. It was high time to change!
I have redone all the pages, with new links and totally new info.
I hope you like the new look. Do drop me a line with your comments...
June 1998
A major revision in my life: I have shifted to Germany as of April 2000 and hence this site should change all over too! Time and enthusiasm permitting, this should happen soon (this year?) In any case, my email address has remained the same, and I would love to hear from you.
May 2000
Still not able to find time to fix the site, but the contact details, atleast the email address, still work. Love to hear from you!

Summer 2006: Now I've moved to the US, living in Ann Arbor, MI. The email ID ist still the same, so if you want to stay or get in touch, drop me a line!

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