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Whatcher one and all I am afraid that I am still constructing (and mucking about with it) this page so bare with me! Any problems or suggestions Email me (hell Email me anyway I like the company!)The havoc is further intensified by the fact that I have now left Bradford, so some of the links are now dodgy (There will be another site appearing on my new ISP at some point, it will probably link of this one, so I'll be finishing this one as well)

but meanwhile a little about me and some more links. I am slightly Human!! I think therefore I musty have a brain!
I am 26 years old. I am a Civilian Instructor in the Air Training Corps. I enjoy shooting, gliding and power flying (don't get to do these often), swimming, Archery (I was the secertary for Bradford Uni's archery club), Fencing (although I'm a little rusty) , music, reading and many other things.

I have just completed (well in June 1998 anyway)a degree in Electronic, communications and computer Engineering with the department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at

Bradford University (England)

Now I am working as an Operations Shift Engineer at Satellite Media Services in Rugby, UK. Among the uplink service catered for are the IRN audio and data feeds as well as many other varied services.

I was an engineer and occasionally a presenter at Radio Ramair, the Universitys own radio station

Have a look at a map of the campus and other info about the campus ...or have a look at the site maintained by Bradford Student Union (UBU for short)

Head here for my page of Links to sites that interest me

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