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World Mandate!!!!!

January 10 - 12

........A call for students to impact this nation and the nations of the world. Here you will find information on the speakers, the schedule, a sign-up page to send in, and a map of how to get to the retreat center at Latham Springs, just outside of Waco, Tx. But first, here is a message from Jimmy Seibert about his vision for World Mandate.

This year, World Mandate is not only holding its yearly conference, it is holding a college cells leadership phase in conjunction with the regular schedule. The cost for the regular conference is $35 per person before November 22, or $45 per person up till December 31. The leadership conference costs $10 more.

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Questions may be addressed by calling Ruth at (817)754-0335 or by e-mail at

To make any comments about this page, please e-mail me at This site is being created by Dawn Hallock for Highland Baptist Church of Waco, Tx.

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