My Picture Hi. My name is Siargej (Sergei). My sun sign is Virgo. The Oriental calendar tells that the year when I was born was that of the Pig. So, someone may hastily conclude that I am a little Virgin Pig. I would strongly disagree with such premature judgement.

“OK”, you may say, ”If this guy refuses to be a Virgin Pig then who on earth is he”. Let’s start from the fact that I am Belarusian meaning that I come from Belarus flag , country that obtained its independence almost seven years ago and does not quite know what to do with it. On the one hand, the independence is a fairly heavy burden, on the other, Belarus grudges losing it.

To narrow the location of the place of my origine I would mention Brest , the city where I spent all my conscious life.

My second attribute is that I am an Economist (debutant). The more I study this subject the more I incline to the conclusion that economists are people who know about money more than those who actually have the money. I am gaining my economic knowledges and forming my creed at CERGE . Visit its home page and you will find out what it is.

For the time being I think this information is enough to get some idea about me.

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