The Legion Of Frontiersmen

of The Commonwealth

(United Kingdom Command)

  Registered Charity Number 284541
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Welcome to U.K. Commands Internet Web Site

About this site.....

This site is dedicated mainly to the activities of U.K. Command of the Frontiersmen,

However I have included some information about the other Commands in various parts of the World.

Due to the lack of space on the server I am afraid that I can only pay passing tribute to

the deeds of the Frontiersmen, past and present.

This site is divided into 6 separate areas.....

About Us - Information about The Legion of Frontiersmen.

Our History - Naturally enough, information about our forbears.

Other Commands - Information and links to other Commands.

Frontier Post - Information about what U.K. Command are doing.

Joining Us - How to become a member of The Legion of Frontiersmen.

The Author - Who am I ? What am I ? What am I doing ? & Where's my beer ?

The Principle Aims and Objects of The Legion Of Frontiersmen....


The Legion of Frontiersmen of The Commonwealth is a non-political association established for the public benefit for the following purposes :-

1. To protect and help restore normal life in communities affected by disasters or emergencies.

2. To act in support of and in co-operation with the emergency services and government agencies in time of disaster or emergency.

3. In times of war or national emergency, to seek to serve The Crown in all ways, and in particular by enlisting or encouraging others to enlist in the armed or supporting services.

4. To provide assistance to the aged and infirm members, their wives, widows or children.

5. To instruct young persons in the principles of discipline, loyalty and good citizenship by encouraging them to become Cadet members and participate in carrying out the above purposes.


About Us Other Commands Frontier Post Contact Us Our History Joining Us The Author
About Us Other Commands Frontier Post Contact Us Our History Joining Us The Author


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