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My Interests and Research

For those of you who don't know me, I'm an ecologist specializing in invasive plant species ecology and management, plant ecology, grassland ecology, and restoration ecology. My PhD is in ecology, with an emphasis on restoration. I am currently living in Eugene, Oregon and hunting for a full-time position in my field. My husband has always wanted to move to Eugene, and the nomadic student/post-doc life was getting to him, so now we own a nice little house with the requisite "two cats in the yard" (or, on the sofa, to be more correct). I'm seeing lots of familiar grasses in my "explorations about town", and lots of familiar weeds. In the meanwhile, while searching for gainful employment, I'm working as a quality control tech for a grain mill. It's more-or-less science, and we supply grain for a bunch of products you probably eat, which is kind of neat. But, it doesn't really use my skills, and hopefully the job market around here will open up a little and allow me to find something more in my field.

Here's a little summary of my USDA postdoctoral researcher experience: USDA Postdoctoral Research Page. I worked on Adaptive Management from 2004 through 2006.

A summary of my graduate research can be found on my Graduate Research Page. It's a list of the various projects I worked on between the fall of 1998 and the spring of 2004. The main focus was native grasses and exotic weeds and how they impact each other. Most of it is published or in press in various journals, but the overall conclusions are here.

My PhD was from the Graduate Group in Ecology at the University of California at Davis. I was in Restoration Ecology area of emphasis. Here are some pictures of Davis. I was in Kevin Rice's Big Science lab.

All my undergraduate research is on my Undergraduate Research Page. You can look at some of my research pics here.

Here is also one of the many versions of my Canadian Thistle manuscript page. The short version of this paper came out in late 2000 in Ecological Restoration.

My Official On-Line Resume and Curriculum Vitae

A list of the interesting jobs I have held for the last several years, my publications, my skills, etc. can be found on my Curriculum Vitae page and on my resume page.

Classes Taken, GPA, Standardized Test Scores, Research Experience, Work Experience, Honors and Awards, etc.

This was one of my recruitment ploys when I was trying to find graduate advisors, so all the information you could want (but probably don't want) about that sort of stuff from my undergrad days is at my classes page. I've also got a page listing the graduate classes I've taken at my (appropriately named) graduate classes page.



Professional Memberships

What Do I Do For Fun?

What I do for fun, when I have time, is bike, walk, run, yoga, read, cook, hike, botanize, garden, and, lately, enter online contests (geeky, I know). I also try to fit in a few road trips to cool places each year as well.

My Flickr page is found here.

E-Mail For Questions and Comments

Any questions or additions regarding this research can be sent to me. My e-mail address is morghan at rocketmail.com.

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