FORMALINE Ltd., is a full service foundry and manufacturing company: model making, prototype design, metal and plastic castings and injection, vacuum forming, rotomolding; we produce a wide variety of pieces in different materials for different applications, in sizes that range from the very small to 3 times life-size, including but not limited to: Sculpture, Industrial and Architectural pieces, Figurines, Toys, Jewelry.

Our casts are: metal casts(fine metals, bronze and white metals), metalplast , ceramics, and bare plastic casts, we use plastics for almost any application, resins and thermoplastics.

We are accustomed to work with product designers, art directors and line managers, always under tight deadlines, assisting product development and design, optimizing it for production.We developed our own techniques, molds, procedures and materials, specially suited for large or small pieces and volumes of production, thanks to this, we produce very high quality pieces at very low prices , even on short runs.

Finishes: we produce a vast array of finishes, metal electroplating, using gold, silver, copper, nickel, bronze, etc., traditional and color patinas and other finishes like natural stone, wood, and color enamels.

Our molds will reproduce very complex patterns with deep undercuts using single pour castings. Some form of asistance, inyection and/or vacuum, is always used to assure precission and excellent finish, hand finishing operations are minimal, the pieces need very little if any sanding or polishing.

We can scale up for large volumes very quickly, do special runs, structurally reinforced pieces, stairs, chairs, holders, columns, urns, fountains, etc.

All this fast; turn around times for mold making on rush jobs is usually of two or three weeks to start full production.

Silver plated metalplastBonded bronzeGold plated metalplastBronze plated metalplastSilverplated metalplast with color enamelsGold lost wax castingGold plated metalplastBronze plated metalplastBronze plated metalpastNickel plated metalplastGold lost wax castingResin cast with and colorsSoldered metal wire frames and resin casts painted with acrylic colorsHand blown vase with goldplated metalplast  ornamentsSilver plated metalplast with color enamels







Max Caiman, rotomolded PVCA days work Toy in rotomolded PVC
Large series of small busts Pieces drying after coated with cataphoretic lacker Large series of funerary urns MORE.....




One of a kind large sculptures and smaller reproductions.
Small bust wax modelLarge bust in clayLarge cast ready to take its patina MORE.....
Short numerated series
Lost wax torsoLost wax casting Lost wax castingBimetallic lost wax castingSilver lost wax castingLost wax casting MORE.....
Large production series.
Very large volume series.




NO PAPER company policy. We have no written literature.

Over 175,000,000 tons of paper and other wood products are damped into landfills annually world over.

We offer only non-polluting electronically generated information that is served here on this web site.