Welcome to my home page! I wanted to share my story with you because I believe my experience will help you in your healing. Please read my words, but be aware reading about other survivor's lives could trigger flashbacks and the most important thing here is you. If you begin to feel uncomfortable reading my story or any other survivor's story, please stop and take a breather! Take good care of yourself.

Sheri, A Survivor's Story

10 little words to ponder...
If it is to be, it is up to me....

Other information and links to sites I have found helpful:

Laura's Page

Laura was the first story I'd ever read about on the Internet and I was so taken by her efforts to reach others when her abuse was still so fresh, to let others know they were not alone, not the only ones affected by abuse, that I had to help her endeavor. Thank you Laura!

A Sanctuary

We cater to those that have been abused and are seeking out solace (comfort), as well as those that are trying so to give that comfort but may not know how. By segmenting a variety of different areas (like rooms in a house plus the front and backyards) we are able to offer and cater to many.


Rohypnol (the "date rape" drug) is a colorless, odorless and tasteless drug that looks like an aspirin. It is slipped into someone's drink by a perpetrator planning to rape. It's effects render someone to forget many aspects of their rape making litigation difficult to pursue. Please be aware of its dangers. Watch your drink when you are out! Never leave your drink unattended nor allow someone to buy your drinks.


Ever notice how many of our kids are walking around with water bottles nowadays? Are you sure your son or daughter has water in their water bottle or are they carrying around a potential lethal dose of the latest"fun drug", GHB. Are they insisting on carrying a blue water bottle instead of clear? Be observant! A cheap drug, made at home with chemicals from your cabinet, could kill your child. Be informed!

Attorney Referral List

The names listed here are some attorney's who I have been told about. You are the consumer. Please take responsibility and research before you purchase anyone's services. If you are pleased with someone, please e-mail me and I will be glad to add them to my list.

Darla, A Sister's Love

I wish you could all have support from someone like my sister, Darla. She gave above and beyond and I felt I wanted to share her unselfish love with all of you. When some turned their backs, Darla offered hers to help carry me through. I am so lucky to have her!

This next link is a must!

Pandora's Box: The Secrecy of Child Sexual Abuse

Dr. Nancy Faulkner is a devoted advocate against child abuse. You need to visit her site. Educate yourself and keep your children safe from predators. Help support the latest child abuse bills! Find out who your legislators are. I know you'll find Nancy's site filled with valuable information. Thank you Nancy for all you do!


Many survivors of sexual abuse report diagnoses of Epstein-Barr so I hope you find this short report informative. Let me know!


If you have Epstein-Barr/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) you may suffer from fibromyalgia...muscle aching similar to the muscle pain you suffer when you have the flu. If you suffer, visit this site for some good information.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer or "IBC"

Breast cancer that shows no signs until it's too late. Inflammatory Breast Cancer is our newest threat to our lives. Be educated! Visit Susan G. Komen Foundation pages and learn more about this deadly cancer. This type of cancer is not age discriminatory.

A Little Humor, Buddie, Bobbie & Billie
Survivor's sometimes seem to get through their pain through humor. Our son, Brett, and new addition to our family as of December 29, 2001 *daughter*-in-law, Karen, have parrots, Buddie, Bobbie & Billie. They are quite the little characters as you'll see. I really think they think they're little feathered humans and I wanted to share their stories with you! They'll make you smile too!

Need a support group to help you in your healing? I invite you to join us. There is no need for anyone to make this journey alone. We do not judge, nor criticize. We offer support and a safe environment for you to speak with other survivors who want to hear you and comfort you. Come hold our hand and we'll hold yours.

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Thank you Nan for sending me "Nan Bears"!

Nan, this award is so special to me. Thank you so much!

I know I speak for so many survivors when I say thank you Geocities for giving us the opportunity to finally speak.

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