Holiday Happenings Webring

Welcome to the Holiday Happenings Webring!!!!!!
Holidays are truely the best time of year and I have
created this webring to bring everyone with a
holiday page together to celebrate each and
every holiday. Join us to unite the holiday pages
across the net.

Join us today


- Any site can join the ring so long as you have
some sort of holiday content on your pages.

- Even birthday sites can join because I do consider
birthdays as holidays.

- You must have the webring on the page you are
submitting to the ring. It can not go on a
webrings page.

- The page you submit must have holiday content
on it and not be a personal page.

- No nude or profanity sites will be allowed.

- You have 7 days to get the ring on your page.
After that you will be removed from the queue.

Join Us!!!!!

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and desired ring logo up.

Holiday Happenings Webring

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