Igor Nazor's Windsurfing in Croatia

Surf the wind,
in Croatia

Second. Sorry this page has been dead for 3 months!
First. THANK YOU GEOCITIES for this! The only Croatian fast access Internet Provider would Charge $100 a month for a page lige this!! --> Plenty of room for some provider competition, ha? Let me know if you have some ideas!

... In the meantime I've been to Bol for pretty much an entire month. Despite some equipment probs (no car, no hotel, a screwed-up board, no $...) managed to pull out some 20 days of actual surfing. Almost ended up at Garda Lake, too bad my bank didn't agree.

Olympics came and went, yet ordinary people here in CRO were convincing me that windsurfing is NOT an olympic sport. That much about media presence!

This page of mine attracted a surprising number (2+) of reactions,+ many from windsurfing Croats worldwide... Please don't ask me any more how much is the ferry to Bol or to book a hotel for you, 'CUZ I WON'T!!!

By the way, I'm trying to get those non-internetly oriented people in Bol to enhance their web-presence- but all I came up with is THEM asking ME for a bribe to even talk about it (ME TO PAY THEM TO HELP THEM with customers...that's Croatian business for you..)

Uhm... oh yes, I am graduating Computer Communications at the very good Zagreb University in CROATIA (at least that's what they're telling us)... Planning to take postgraduate curse in Computer Computer Science/Economics in Vienna (any experiences from Vienna? Tell me!

...Check out some pictures & picture resources, including hand-drawings. Visit Mistral. aquatica.com and windsurfer.com are really good sites on globalwindsurfing. I search with Yahoo's windsurfing section ... Here's my selection of personal pages !!
Used windsurfing equipment available in SPLIT, is supposed to be a meeting point for everyone who wants to get, or get rid of some equipment (whether you line there, or are just on your way to Bol). MAIL ME TO ADD YOUR PIECE OF EQUIPMENT

By the way, I read the WINDSURFING MAGAZINE, and WIRED, all the time

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