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EVERYONE is welcome to motsser's OUTdoors page -- the page for gay and lesbian outdoor activity enthusiasts. Thanks for visiting!

Out of the Bars, Into the Woods

Due to the usual circumstances, this site will no longer be updated with any regularity (if at all).

I'll leave the site up and running for as long as Geocities permits. You may still enjoy looking at the photos from readers, and the links page is still active, though will soon grow out of date. Finally, I've left up our infamous (in my own mind) response to a letter from a woman who just didn't understand the reason for our site.

Check out our reader photos:

OUTfolks (photos)

We've got great connections:

Useful links to gay and gay-friendly sites with an OUTdoors bent.
Up and running!

The woods can be dangerous:

Holly berries, baneberries, and red elderberries are poisonous -- but what about the Galia Berry?

*Our philosophy is written here in our response to our first negative mail.

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