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This account was just established in the last little while. I'll have tons of stuff to add in not too long.

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You are funky visitor number to crash land at this page since April 3, 1997. I'll bet you feel special now.

Canada This page is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada! Canada

Moraine Lake

A photo of the view out off my back deck.
(Okay...fine, so it's not my backyard, but I can dream, can't I?.)

The good stuff:

My Supercool Hompage---Another page created and maintained by your's truly. Here you'll find all kinds of cool links, photos, etc., as well as tons of info that you really didn't need to know about me.

Mountain Biking---This is my Mountain Biking page that used to be located at CadVision. There's some cool stuff here like links, images, photos, my bike, etc... I'll also have a ream of stuff to add pretty soon.

Skiing/Snowboarding---When I hit the slopes, I get the best of both worlds. Here you will find some cool photos, links, etc.

Our West Coast Adventure---We have returned from the great West Coast Adventure. Although I haven't posted anything new yet, I've got tons of photos, routes, adventures, etc. on the way.

Orienteering---There's not much orienteering stuff here yet. I should have some stuff posted here pretty quick.

Canada Mail me for whatever reason. Canada

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